Spare Parts

#DescriptionSeriesPart NumberUnit Price (USD)
2Motor AdapterSS Series (1800XB/1800XC)1125921$440.00
2Motor AdapterSS Series (1000X/1800X)1123229$155.00
6Set Screw, Cone-PointSS Series (1000X/1800X/1800XB/1800XC)1113769$15.00
7Pump Shaft Key, 3/16 x 3/16 x 1-inchSS Series (1000X/1800X/1800XB/1800XC)1120062$15.00
8Pump Shaft Extension & SleeveSS Series (1800XB/1800XC)1123244$336.00
9Spiral PinSS Series (1800XB/1800XC)1120500$15.00
11Seal Holder, SSSS Series (1000X/1800X/1800XB/1800XC)1122719$130.00
12O-ring, Buna-N,130,70DURSS Series (1000X/1800X/1800XB/1800XC)1122786$15.00
13Mechanical Seal, 300 psig (barg), KitSS Series (1000X/1800X/1800XB/1800XC)1120312$1,408.00
13Mechanical Seal, 400 psig (barg), KitSS Series (1000X/1800X/1800XB/1800XC)1120477$2,182.00
13Mechanical Seal, Standard KitSS Series (1000X/1800X/1800XB/1800XC)1121174$102.00
14Retaining RingSS Series (1000X/1800X/1800XB/1800XC)1120054$15.00

* Veolia does not recommend replacement or repair of internal Liquid End parts.  Please send the liquid end into Veolia for repair.  Please contact us for pricing and/or refer to the Pump Repair page. 

All prices on this website are subject to change without notice.